Management of organization

SERAA has three principal management organs through which the entire activity of the organization has been managed. Organs are as follows: General Committee, Executive Committee and Advisory Committee. There is a general body consisting of 30 members. They sit together twice a year to discus their ongoing activities and prepare future plan. There is also an Executive committee consisting of 9 members forming through regular election every after 2 year’s interval according to the approved constitution by the registration authority. The executive body sits together in each quarter as their quarterly meeting regularly. But to meet up any emergency, executive committee sits together with the general and advisory body as and when required. The Executive Director (ED) is nominated from the executive committee as sole implementer of SERAA. The executive director is responsible for coordination, collaboration and networking with donors and other relevant officials. Five (05) members’ management team and Organizational Development (OD) task force team including ED are responsible for managing, designing, planning, and decision-making, monitoring and evaluating the programs of SERAA. The management system is participatory and decentralized.


No. of Members
i) Executive Committee 09 (Nine)
ii) General Committee 30 (Thirty)
iii) Total Staff 60 (Sixty)