Current Project

Name of Project

Prior work on the project issues


Working area

Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE)

Primary education for dropout children and who are out from the light of primary education.


Madan & Atpara Upazila of Netrakona District

Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) Program

Ensure sanitation and using of safe water with all purposes through awareness buildup of community people and capacity buildup of LGI.

NGO Forum for DWSS

Atpara & Purbadhala Upazila of Netrakona District.

Integrated Human Resource Development program

Awareness buildup on Health, Sanitation, Legal rights, Women rights, issue base & discussion and environmental issues.

Bangladesh NGO Foundation

Purbadhala Upazila of Netrakona District.

Rural Housing

To ensure safe Salter of targeted poor people through credit support.

Bangladesh Bank

Purbadhala Upazila of Netrakona District.

Micro Credit

Awareness raising, group formation, leadership development, savings and credit management.

SERAA Own fund & group savings

Atpara, Purbadhala & Netrakona Sadar Upazila of Netrakona District.

Social Development Program

Workshop, Orientation, seminar, Day observation Rally & Miking etc.

SERAA Own fund  & local donation


Netrakona & Mymensingh district

Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Program

Group formation, Savings create/collection and training on social awareness and suitable IGA to the VGD women. Disaster management preparedness, Data base and reporting, Assist to the union parishad and DWA for beneficiaries selection and food distribution.

Department of Women  Affairs

Madan, Khaliajori and Kendua Upazila under Netrakona district and Jagannathpur, Dakkin Sunamgonj & Sunamgonj Sadar Upazila under Sunamgonj disrict.

Early Childhood and Care Development (ECCD)

Pre-primary education provide to the under 6 year children.

SERAA own fund & community contribution

Atpara & Purbadhala upazila under Netrakona district

Strengthen Movement to Advance Women's Rights and Gender Equality

Different awareness raising and skill development activity such as Shearing meeting, rally, workshop, seminar, School program, Issue based campaign and training etc.

Steps Towards Development trough NUF.

Netrakona Sadar upazila

Community Mobilization to End Domestic violence and Violence Against Women.

Awareness raising and capacity buildup through, Seminar, Orientation, Meeting, Publication & Publicity.

Oxfam-GB (WE CAN Campaign )

Netrakona sadar, Durgapur, Madan, Atpara & Purbadhala Upazila of Netrakona District.

Community Education Watch Group

Different Campaign Activity to Ensure Quality Education and Education for all. (Such: Base line Survey, Orientation, Workshop, Seminar, Sharing meeting,  Home visit and Networking & Advocacy)


Durgapur Upazila of Netrakona Distict.

Child & Woman Rights Advocacy (CWRA) Project

Child & Women group formation, council formation, cultural show, Awareness raising and capacity buildup through, Seminar, Orientation and workshop, Meeting, Publication & Publicity and Networking & Advocacy.


Sunamgonj Pourashova

SkillFul Project

Skill training provide to the un-employed & underemployed labour on Food processing, Mobile phone servicing, Electric House wiring & Handi craft (shital pati) etc.

Swiss Contact, Bangladesh

Derai upazila under Sunamgonj district

Environmental Sanitation, Hygiene Education & Water Supply Project for Climate Vulnerable Area

Deep Set tube- well, Community Latrine and Ring-slub Hygienic latrine instalation, Nursery Developed, Awareness raising of community people and capacity building of LGI for behavioral change on WATSAN sector at working area. Compost preparation, Sharing meeting and workshop etc.


Atpara & Purbadhala upzila under Netrakona District

Health Education Campaign to Promote Safe Blood Transfusion and Prevention of Viral Hepatitis and other Viral Transmitted Diseases

Awareness raising of Community,  Advocacy Meeting at district level and national, National level Workshop,  TV spot develop and airing, Leaflet, Poster, Folder and Jacket etc. develop and distribution.

Bureau  of Health Education

Dhaka City and 48 districts in Bangladesh.